Welcome to the Combo Group


Combo Repair

Your specialist in maintenance and modification of containers. With 4 premises in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we offer all kinds of container repair, CSC/ACEP certifications, refurbishment, modification and liner-montage.


Combo Wagonservice

Your specialist in inspection, maintenance and repair of freight wagons. With our premises in Geleen, Beverwijk, Born, Venlo, Kaldenkirchen and mobile teams we can offer you flexible services.


Combo Cleaning

Your specialist in cleaning of tank and bulkcontainers used for the food-industry. Thanks to our CO2 installation we can offer you unique services.


Combo Sales

Your partner in finding the right truck and trailer. Specialised in Combi-chassis, import and export of trucks and trailers.


Inter Logistics

Your partner in logistics with expertise and experience in food and intermodal transport.

The Combo Group offers an overall concept to all possible needs within intermodal equipment and transport. We are specialized in the several company components described below and we work with a one-stop-shop principle. This entails: you are able to find everything you need for maintenance, repair, cleaning, equipment sales and transport under the same roof. Why does this come in handy? It saves you time, money and energy! Besides that you have one address for all your questions.

Interested? Feel free to come and visit. While you explain what you need, we will provide you with a nice cup of coffee.